We have just concluded our 3-month Literacy Project For Girls (Read up about it here: (2022 Pilot Project). We recorded a huge success as 12 of the 18 girls who successfully finished can now read. To encourage reading culture in them, the girls have been provided with story books, and will be visited at their various schools by our volunteers routinely.

We will now be proceeding with our literacy boot-camp for girls to hold in August (as some of the positive feedbacks we got from the girls and their parents emphasized interest in continuing education).

The boot-camp seeks to provide girls with the ability to read, improve their communication skills and engage the girls in using ESL, all towards boosting their confidence, and getting them interested in furthering their education.

The MAIN OBJECTIVE is to improve girls’ access to education, hence more women taking up employment in formal settings.

We are targeting 50 girls per year.

To achieve this, we need your donations.

7812289054 (WEMA BANK PLC) / 8222366109 (STERLING BANK)
Account Name: The Graciella Initiative

Or Donate here: Boot-Camp Donations Here




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April 11, 2022

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