Invaluable but Untapped

A global action to achieve the SDGs


Girls should not be manipulated into staying within the confines of a place. There’s nothing called “a woman’s place”

Grace Anuforo


Gender Equality

Gender equality is our ultimate goal and major focus at TGI. All our intervention programs for women and girls are geared towards the 5th sustainable development goal.


Quality Education

We want to put 100 girls in school by the end of 2030 and help them complete their basic education. Every year, we sponsor two out-of-school girls into school. We also work towards the accessibility of pre-primary education for children in under-served communities and girl child beggars.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Through purposeful partnerships, we provide employment opportunities and help young women to become financially independent by organizing periodic skill acquisition programs which come with stipend-attracting internship opportunities.

The Girl Child Conference

TGI Girl Child Conference was birthed in a small community in Edo state by the founding members of Team TGI and had over 200 students and parents in attendance. Among those who participated were community heads, parents, teachers, school heads and principals, heads of women and youth groups, religious leaders, female and male students.

Since then, TGI Girl Child Conference has held in other regions (North, South and West) of Nigeria.

Young girls who attend our Girl Child Conferences are usually followed up and monitored by our M&E team. 

The Free Education Scheme

Lack of education has been linked to Child Marriage. Plan International (2015) reported that the primary causes of child marriage is poverty and lack of education.

According to International Women’s Health Coalition, child marriage denies a girl her childhood, ends her education, reduces her economic opportunities, increases her risk of domestic violence and puts her at risk for early, frequent, and very high-risk pregnancies.

As a way to join the fight against child marriage and put a stop to this unfair treatment girls face, we have taken it upon ourselves to sponsor the education of girls with little or no hope of education till the end of their basic education.

We do not overlook the roles of relevant stakeholders in making this a reality, as social pressure and cultural practices are also some of the causes of child marriage that stop the education of the girl. We believe that these stakeholders can help emphasize the need for parents of prospective beneficiaries to sign our consent forms and get their girls the opportunity to become agents of economic development in the future.

Our current beneficiaries are two girls, Umma and Atika from a northern community in Nigeria.

Help Umma and Atika complete their education. 



Help us reduce child marriage in northern  communities within Nigeria.

The Annual Empowerment Series

 An empowered woman is less likely to be a victim of domestic abuse, child marriage, poverty,

Since 2017, Team TGI has empowered over 150 girls and young women.
Through partnerships, we train girls and young women in various vocations and skills. Our skill acquisition empowerment programs usually come with follow-up in form of stipend attracting internship opportunities, employment opportunities, loan for women only and more.

At present, we have trained girls in makeup art, shoe making, graphics designing, animations and web designing.

Read up about our ongoing Literacy Skill project for girls here…


The Girl Power Club

In order to build girls’ self esteem, and with respect to curbing the rising occurrence of depression & mental illness, teenage pregnancies and gender inequality, The Graciella Initiative (TGI) introduced its newest subsidiary, THE GIRL-POWER CLUB, which commenced in secondary schools within 4 African countries in January 2019, with adolescent girls and young women as targets.

The Girl Power Club (TGI Girl Power Club) is not only established in secondary schools but also has a closed facebook group strictly for female students and school leavers who have access to the internet.
TGI has made arrangements for the facebook group members to have access to seasoned women psychologists, speakers, mentors and a physician who would serve as resource persons for the girls.
So far, we have reached over 750 girls and young women with the Girl Power Club.


“Giving a girl child the same rights as a boy child does not necessarily mean treating girls the same way you treat boys. It is just giving them the same opportunity at Education, Politics, Economy and every other sphere of life”

Mathabelag Nthomeng Mokhali

TGI, Lesotho