Giving the girl a voice.

We believe that girls can be more.


Our programs

TGI has 4 focal points all in line with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations: The Yearly Girl Child Conference, The Free Education Scheme,The Girl Power club and The Annual Empowerment Series.

The Girl Child Conference

This involves stakeholders of girl child development (parents, school owners, government bodies, community heads), young girls and women.

The Free Education Scheme

We seek to ensure that by 2030, 100 girls from poor homes would be in school. We sponsor the education of out-of-school girls.

The Annual Empowerment Series

We are equipping girls with  skills to prepare them for opportunities that will provide them with sustainable sources of income in the future.

The Girl Power Club

Established in secondary schools in 4 African countries and seeks to provide mentorship, guidance for girls and curb teenage pregnancies.

Break the silence!

One in every three girls get married before the age of 16. Women are being violated everyday. Share your story. It’s freedom o’clock. Speak!


Our Covid-19 response

TGI is reaching out to low income communities to set up women and girls in coconut oil, liquid soaps and agricultural products business.


Target reached